With SkyFire for iPhone Still Awaiting App Store Approval, We Go Hands-On

As soon as we heard that the SkyFire browser was coming to the iPhone, we just knew it was going to sit in the approval queue for a while. With Apple/Adobe’s infamous squabbling, anything that claimed to support Flash — even through some server-side conversions, as with SkyFire — was going to be subject to some major scrutiny.

1 month, 20 days, and 2 hours later, our buddies at SkyFire Labs say that they think they’re getting pretty close to approval. With that in mind, they’ve sent over the latest pre-release build of the browser, and I’ve been dabbling with it for the past 12 hours or so. So, what’s it like to use the first Flash-video friendly browser on iOS? Find out after the jump.
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