Windows vs Linux. Winner please?

The battle between Windows and Linux is infinite. The vast majority of the world still use Microsoft Windows as their operating system. This is because application developers and regular users have became familiar with the interface that MS Windows uses.

But what about Linux? Linux was never close to the popularity that Windows had. Linux was portrayed as a complex OS that regular, non-nerd, users will not be able to use. I must say it has done well for itself. Most of the distributions (distros) are now user friendly and extremely easy to use. Take Ubuntu for example. It comes with a pre-packed set of applications and drivers to save you the hassle of downloading and installing all of them.

Lets try and compare some aspects of the two operating systems.


Most Linux distros are free (Ubuntu, Debian, Fed0ra, CentOS and many more) while a regular Windows license costs up to $150.

Ease of use:

Windows always has been and will be (most probably) easy to use. That is why most users pick Windows over Linux.
At the very beginning Linux was very complex to use for regular home users. However, it has improved dramatically during the last years and now most Linux distros, such as Ubuntu, are extremely easy to use for everyone.


Microsoft Windows is the WORST SECURED operating system out there. But of course the guys at Microsoft are working hard to patch things up and keep us safe from the dangers on the intertubes. Linux, however, has been and still is difficult to to break into and it’s not much easier to develop a virus for a Linux machine.


Since Windows has been out there long enough, the majority of the hardware is supported and you can find drivers for just about anything. Linux never had good support from hardware manufacturers, so compared to Windows it supports much less.


Linux has less software available than Windows. But most of it is Open Source, whereas Microsoft holds to its Closed Source politics and so do the software developer for Windows.


Many people know that Linux can outperform Windows any day. Linux is just more stable and many server administrators prefer to use a Linux based Operating System than a Microsoft Windows one. Linux is said to run months and years without any re-installations or reboots.

My personal winner has to be Linux (Ubuntu in particular). I love the fast boot of it and the speed of the system on my old desktop PC. However, I still use Windows too. Mostly for work and gaming, since Linux can’t run the latest Photoshop versions, Autocad and is a bit funny with some Office documents.
You can also read my article ‘Why switch to Ubuntu’ if you want to switch but are still not sure 🙂

Let me know who’s your winner by leaving a comment below 😉

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