Why switch to Ubuntu?

Most people probably have never heard of an operating system different than Windows. Most of them are not as widely advertised as Windows either.
I have completely switched to Ubuntu about a month ago and I must say I do not regret one single bit of doing so.

The best thing about Ubuntu is how accessible it is. Every single bit of software is – ready yourself – free, and whether you’re installing O2 broadband packages in the house or you’re after a Windows program, anything can be achieved through a use of basic IT-savvy and of course, Wine, an emulator for .exe which gives you a virtual C-drive. Magical, really.

I was using Windows Vista as my main operating system and I couldn’t help but notice how slow it was at times. Especially when I had all the needed applications installed. It was so frustrating to wait for it to boot up in the mornings when I needed it to boot up fast, because all I needed was Firefox. Right then I found out about Ubuntu.
A friend of mine started talking about how Ubuntu is giving away free CDs and I thought “Hey why shouldn’t I order one as well?”
I received my free CDs about a week after the order. I put it right in without any further hesitation and started setting up a dual boot system (Ubuntu and Windows).

After finishing the set up I found Ubuntu faster than any version of Windows that I’ve used before. The boot up time was surprisingly short. I was able to access the web and my mail in a matter of seconds! Ubuntu also came with a pre-installed set of applications, saving me time searching around the internet for software. I thought I will also have to find most of the drivers on my own, but surprisingly Ubuntu already had a pop-up ready for me. It even had a driver for my EMU10K1 sound card. It’s a pretty old card and it does not work with Windows Vista (no 5.1 surround), but Ubuntu managed to pull it off. It had everything I needed – support for all of my hardware and speed.

A lot of people fear Linux, because of the compatibility. People tend to think that Microsoft Office is the ONLY set of office applications out there. Well it’s not. Ubuntu comes with a pre-installed Open Office package. And guess what, it’s compatible with the document formats that Microsoft Office uses. And it’s not just for office applications. Ubuntu comes with a built-in IM client and a built in mail client!

Ubuntu is free, fast, functional, customizable and user friendly!

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