Why clean the windows registry?

The registry uses a very effective filing system to let Windows easily access all the necessary information to execute a functional computer interface.

The increase in registry’s database is directly proportional to the number of hardware, users, and applications in the computer. This is because everything that is happening within the computer’s platform is recorded and stored at the Windows Registry.

Registry errors have a big amount of contribution to the registry’s database population. Every erroneous installation, failed application execution, and malicious Internet downloads activity leaves a trace that adds up to your computer registry database as errors or malicious entries.

Given this situation it is inevitable for the registry to not expand and eventually consume most of your available hard disk space. When this happens it becomes difficult for Windows to gather information from the registry to execute applications or use hardware computer facilities. This then compromises the computers effectiveness and efficiency which is why clean Windows registry is important.

To clean the Windows registry a user has two options, one is to manually remove all the registry error through Registry Editor. Manual editing constitutes a great risk to your computer as any erroneous alteration is irreversible and can cause fatal problem to your system.

The second option is to employ a reputable registry cleaner that can help you scan and fix erroneous registry entries. This process is a lot safer as most quality cleaner offers additional back up features that can save your system just in case something wrong happens. By using the system back up user can return the registry to its original state and restore a functional registry database.

In general, both of this process can save a valuable amount of your hard drive to help optimize your computer’s performance. A regular registry scan can help maintain your computer perform faster

Author: Cherry

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