What TechCrunch Staffers Want Yammer to Spend that $25 Million on (TCTV)

It’s no secret that we like Yammer here at TechCrunch. We gave the company the top TechCrunch50 honors a few years back, we use the product pretty obsessively for in-house communication, and Mike even uses it as a reporting tool.

But we could like it a lot better…

In part two of our interview with David Sacks we ask him what he’s going to spend that new $25 million in venture capital on, and we oh-so-humbly suggest a few things we’d like for him to spend it on. (Spoiler alert: Jason Kincaid is going to be the happiest.)

I forgot to make my request, which is for a “dislike” button. I asked Sacks over email and he said, “You want to tell people you dislike them? What kind of operation is Arrington running over there?” As he said in the first part of our interview, the Yammer feed is like looking in a corporate mirror.

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