What fundraising management options are possible through Blackbaud?

Blackbaud is a world leader when it comes to fundraising software solutions.  Supplying nonprofits with the tools to raise the funds needed to carry out their duties is the order of the day.  While most of their solutions are achieved through software, Blackbaud will actively manage a number of independent areas as part of your fundraising campaign.  In general, Blackbaud’s solutions are “multi-tiered”, meaning that they utilize a number of different channels simultaneously to achieve the maximum results possible for each scenario.

What about Blackbaud’s fundraising management options, you ask?  Higher education, K-12 schools, Arts & Culture, public broadcasting, religious institutions, medical institutions, and various other human service-related areas are covered by Blackbaud.  You could say that Blackbaud acts as a fundraising broker for many of these types of organizations.

What specific services and solutions does Blackbaud employ and/or offer?  Everything from direct marketing, accounting, analytics, CRM to training, application hosting, maintenance, ticketing and other professional services are included as part of your typical Blackbaud offering.

In terms of goals and management options, Blackbaud can help you energize your core supporters, manage fundraising events, start raising money online, leverage social media, and recognize those individuals who might be classified as your absolute best supporters.  All in all, Blackbaud is extremely useful for nonprofits who have duties to fulfill and either don’t now where or how to start fundraising.  If you are participating in or running a nonprofit organization or project, you really owe it to yourself (and those you are seeking to help) to check out what Blackbaud has to offer.

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