The Way Forward With A New Tech Start Up Brand

You have an idea, you have IT skills but are not sure how to move forward.

Study is more important than people realise. Get to know your subject, better to gather the information and start a little later than going headlong into a market without the necessary knowledge and backup – a sure fire way of failing.

Ambition armed with knowledge is more likely to succeed.

Your Brand should have a name that once people recognise it, It should reflect the product or service and your ethics.

Consider your name and  image, you have to write your Company’s Mission, which should also reflect in the name and image.  Your Logo shouldn’t have to be explained, it should reflect your brand.  Look at other companies branding e.g Darwin Brand Consultants are a well-established marketing, design and branding company.

Develop your website which should be easy to use whilst reinforcing your brand identity.  Keeping the logo and colour schemes throughout the website, on business cards and any stationary gives a feeling of consistency and stability. Regularly update your website to keep it fresh. Don’t forget to put customer testimonials up on your website.

Most businesses when first being set up are usually a little short on money, consider any grants that you may be entitled to apply for, consider crowdfunding as well as hopefully helping with funds it gets your name out there in the marketplace.

Research cannot be stressed enough, have you researched the market for your product? Is it a niche market? Does it appeal to only a certain age group? Is it something that will only appeal locally or is it something that could potentially go global? Who are and how big are your competitors? Why or how will your product be superior to theirs?

Marketing  Once you know your audience, start to target them, don’t rely on them finding you!  Get out there, go to business group breakfasts, use the internet, emails, as well as getting your business cards out there, collect them from wherever you are – these are a source for potential contacts and sales. Use emails to keep them up to date with events, news and of course promotions. A large contact list will help build brand awareness.

Social Media, Instagram, Tweeting, Linkedin are all useful tools to use, Post regularly (not occasionally as people will forget you), Make the content of your posting a good quality, if you strike a style of business but approachable you will get customer reactions which will help your business.  Your followers will let you know what they like (or dislike) listen to them. Make sure you do not post anything of a dubious nature, or potentially embarrassing, you have to be professional at all times, to be taken seriously.

Look at what your competitors are doing even use some of their ideas by putting your own twist to it, but don’t copy! IF you do you will potentially run into untold trouble.

Starting any new venture you have to have passion, a belief in your product, a huge dream and the knowledge that you will have to work hard for quite a while before it takes off. Don’t get disheartened, keep the belief in your product and yourself and although you have to start small as the saying goes “from little acorns mighty oaks do grow”.

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