Video: Kevin Bacon Hawking The Logitech Revue As A Kevin Bacon Superfan

Here’s Kevin Bacon playing Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan in a video not so cleverly disguised as an ad spot for the Logitech Revue Google TV unit. Because if anyone could rescue Google TV from the bowels of beta testing hell, it would be Kevin Bacon. Well, maybe. Perhaps Kevin Bacon is rad and all, but personally someone with a bit of authority might be better suited for the role as the Revue’s ad man. Someone like, well, Jeremey Clarkston. “Google TV: It’s made by Google, works with your cable and is so easy even your mum could probably use it. But is it any good?”

Anyway, the Kevin Bacon video is after the jump. Enjoy, it’s probably the best thing you’ll watch on the Internet today.

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