Vermont Energy Co. Raises $260,000 For Sustainable Gas-And-Convenience Stores

The Vermont Energy Company attracted a $260,000 seed investment a new SEC filing revealed to grow their environmental-minded gas station and convenience store business.

Currently, the company operates a flagship store and four-pump gas station in Burlington, Vermont. According to a company spokesperson, they hope to become a leading supplier of alternative fuels over time, and stock their shelves with sustainable items alongside select, traditional packaged goods.

The concept is simple— offer a sustainable alternative to 7-eleven or Mobil and other leading gas station and coveninece stores. The gas and convenience store industry in the U.S. is highly fragmented, but according to Hoovers research, reaches $200 billion in annual sales mainly selling gasoline.

The Vermont Energy Company, if it takes off massively, could become the go-to, roadside brand for drivers seeking grease diesel, or other advanced and clean fuels.

The Vermont Energy Company currently offers drivers of fuel-efficient cars a discount on plain old gasoline. Run under the name The Good Carma program, the discount is based on the miles-per-gallon ratings of customers’ vehciles. Such programs, if they became available nationally, could help encourage consumers to upgrade their rides to more fuel-efficient, if not zero emissions, electric vehicles.

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