uTorrent is coming to Linux

Good news, everyone! The long awaited µTorrent client is finally coming to Linux!
µTorrent was first released in 2005 only for windows.  Then in 2006 the authors announced that they are planning to introduce a version of µTorrent for Mac in 2008. And recently the developers told us that they’re working on a version for Linux!

Since the release of the Idea Bank on utorrent.com the idea “Make a uTorrent for Linux” has been a favourite. It has a total of 3.547 votes by users from all over the world.

µTorrent is by far the most popular BitTorrent client for Windows and hopefully it will be the same for Linux! All we can do is wish the guys at uTorrent.com luck at their development. Hopefully we’ll see µTorrent for Linux soon enough!

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