Unusual Technology: 10 Pest Control Gadgets

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Pests in the home and the garden are a nuisance, here we take a look at the 10 best pest control gadgets (some very technical and clever, others very basic) you can use to try and get rid of them or stop them from entering the home or garden in the first place.

1. Bed Bug Removal Kits

Bed bugs can cause all sorts of skin conditions, and once they are in the beds they can breed quite quickly, live a long time and may require several treatments to finally get rid of them.

Bed Bug Kit from DoMyOwnPestControl

Getting a kit that contains all the solutions you need to rid them is a good money saving option; the kits normally come with several treatments for a single room for a 2 month period, as well as face masks and gloves. The treatments make use of an aerosol spray, trigger spray and pro-active dust for longer lasting protection; it is important to read all the instructions carefully before using.

2. Tackling Spiders

There are many gadgets used for catching spiders, from long handled grabbers to sprays and to sticky tapes. What you choose is up to how you want to catch them and get rid of them. The best items are those that stop the spiders entering in the first place, so dusts and aerosols can be used around doorways and windows.

3. Rat And Mice Trap

The old style rat and mice traps can be used but more humane traps are now manufactured; these are much better not only for the rodent but also for the person using them. One of the best humans traps makes use of a black box to which the rodent enters; when the trigger is set off a rubber band will quickly go around the rodents neck strangling it instantly for a quick and blood free kill.

4. Rat and mice Electronic Deterrent

Rat & Mice Electronic Deterrent http://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Humane-Sonic-Repeller-Deterrent/dp/B002UVOJV8

To stop the rodent from entering your home in the first place you can set up one of the many electronic gadgets. These are simply plugged in where they emit a frequency to deter the rodents; some of these devices can also protect against ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects. It is important to read up on these systems and some may take awhile to be effective; by changing the settings you can also get rid of pests that are already in the home.

5. Tackling Slugs and Snails

Not only are slugs and snails damaging to the garden, the flowers, the fruits and vegetables we grow, but they can also carry disease to our pets, especially the lungworm to a dog which can be fatal. A great gadget to deter slugs and snail is that of a copper lined tape; this is because as they go over it, it causes a static shock so they stay away from it. The tape can last for a very long time; you just need to wipe it every so often.

6. Bird Spikes

To stop birds from sitting on any ledges of your home, leading to lots of bird poop and being woken up in the morning, you can install spikes. These can come in a long stripes, where the spikes are made from stainless steel. The spikes are not there to hurt the birds but are used to stop them from sitting on the ledge or the area you do not want them to perch.

7. Electronic/Battery Fly Killers

Used around the doors and windows these fly killers emit a blue light to which many flying pests are drawn too; as they touch it the electronic bars zap the flying pest.

8. Ant Bait Station

These have a solution inside them to attract the ants, but contained in the solution is also the poison, which the ants take back to their nest which in turn will kill off the whole ant nest.

9. Solar Sonic Repellent For Moles

Sonic Solar Mole Repeller http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Ultrasonic-Rodent-Repeller-Repellent/dp/B007VDXMQ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367939171&sr=8-1&keywords=Solar+Sonic+Repellent+For+Moles

Another pest that messes up the garden; but the solar sonic gadget can stop this. The spike which enters the ground emits a sound wave which deters the moles away from it, this can be connected to a tube which is buried in the ground. As the device uses solar energy it is very economical and will continue working at all times.

10 – Fox Repellent

With many cases of foxes being seen in our gardens and some accidents involving them it is important to not only protect our gardens but also ourselves and loved ones. The best gadget for this is actually a solution that can be made up and then sprayed in the areas that the fox can enter the garden or where they may tend to leave a scent.

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