Twinterest: Gravity Analyzes Your Twitter Stream Tells You What You Love

A few weeks ago we hinted at some of the personalization tools that Los Angeles based startup Gravity would be unveiling. Today they’re launching Twinterest – a tool that creates an interest graph – a list of things you probably love – based only on looking at your twitter stream.

Gravity CEO Amit Kapur explained the product in detail in a guest post on TechCrunch today.

To use it go to Twinterest and authorize it to access your Twitter stream. You may find it does a pretty good job of suggesting things you like. Mine includes Virgin America, “slap fight” (no idea), Facebook, American Express (hah), Google Voice, Andy Rubin and Spotify. Also, Daniel Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs.

You can help Gravity refine your interests by re-categorizing or removing any interests that don’t quite fit. For now this is just for fun. In the future, tools like this can help show you more interesting content and ecommerce items.

Update: Oh! That’s the slap fight stuff. Very funny. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a slap fight, I guess.

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