Traits Of A Fantastic Minecraft Server

Almost everyone who’s played Minecraft has had their brush with a bad server. Perhaps you logged in with nothing, and were immediately attacked by griefers in full diamond armour. Or perhaps it was so heavily modded that you barely recognised the game at all! These are the kinds of things which make people want to start their own server. If you’re planning on doing this, here are some tips for making it fantastic!


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First of all, make all the rules and conventions as clear as possible. You probably know that a lot of players don’t bother reading these before jumping right in. If you let this happen on your server, you’ll end up being bombarded with questions 24/7. It’s a good idea to set your spawns somewhere where the player is trapped, with rules and instructions regarding how they can start playing. Alternatively, you could set up some custom commands. This will allow your players to see all the rules and instructions by typing a command into their speech bar. When playing as a host, it’s important to take a “customer’s always right” attitude. If the server’s too hard to understand, a lot of players will leave.

Secondly, make sure you choose the right hosting package. If you weren’t already aware, hosting software keeps your private server up and running. They take care of all the nitty-gritty technicalities, while you just get on with your game. Check something like Apex Minecraft Hosting for an example. On the surface, it’s easy to assume that all hosts are the same. Chase that assumption out! Some hosts have terrible customer support, and can leave you waiting for days to resolve an issue. Others are just poorly run, and will cause your server to crash unexpectedly. Some players, after just one crash, will never bother with the server again. If you want a brilliant gaming experience for you and your players, take your time choosing a host.


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When you’ve set up and you’re starting to get a lot of regular players, it’s time to assign some admins. You probably have some people in mind already. The main thing to avoid is assigning any old player. You need to have staff who you can trust not to sabotage things, obviously. Aside from that, you need to make sure they’re friendly, helpful and active enough to be effective. A lot of your players, especially younger ones, will look up to your staff. If new players see your admins using foul language, abusing their powers, or generally being a bad player, things will go downhill. What you do on a private server is one thing. When you’re running a public one, there’s a certain degree of responsibility you have to step up to.

Bear these tips in mind, and your server will be popular and enjoyable. Once everything’s set up, a final step could be advertising. There are loads of directories like Minecraft Servers you can post on. This will help your server reach a wider audience, and grow into the sensation you want it to be!


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