How to track GPS, History and Messaging of a Smartphone

Hoverwatch technology helps you to keep track of call and text history, images sent and received and the GPS location of your smartphone handset. The tracker is free to download and once installed you can monitor up to 5 different devices from the one account. Hoverwatch is compatible with Android, Windows PC and Mac computers, and is a great way of monitoring your children to keep them safe while online, or for data collecting from employees to help improve performance.

The GPS feature

With the GPS feature you can monitor where the smartphone is at a times, so if your child is out and should be home, you can check to make sure they are in a safe place and are heading home. The good thing about this feature is it can still be used even if the sim has been taken out, or changed. That way if the handset has been lost or stolen, you can find it very easily, even if the person who has taken it has transferred their own sim to it, intending to keep it for themselves. You can see the dates and times at each place that the device has visited, which means you don’t have to constantly worry where your child is, you can simply see the information on the tracker map.

Monitor phone history

You can track phone history with hoverwatch which can help to keep your child safe from being contacted by people who do not have the best of intentions. You can keep an eye on who your child is calling and texting, and who might be contacting them, if it is a number you do not recognise you may have cause for concern – but at least you can be immediately aware of it and take any appropriate action to keep your child safe.

Monitor messenger features

These days children are using messenger apps to contact their friends more than simply calling and texting. With the rise of different messengers such as WhatsApp and Snapchat for example, children are communicating with their friends quickly and easily, and knowing what they are planning and where they intend to go can be hard, for some parents it can be a major cause for concern. Hoverwatch can help you monitor these apps and social media such as Facebook so that you can be sure your child is telling the truth about where they are, or what they plan to do – and just as importantly, who with! Hoverwatch offers every parent some much needed peace of mind.

If you are a parent who worries about their child, or whose child has given them cause for concern in the past, then hoverwatch can be just the thing you need to allow you to rest easy at night knowing your children are safe. The technology sits invisibly on the target device so you don’t have to worry that your children will find out just how close you are keeping an eye on them.

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