The Ultimate Technology Checklist for Your Business

Starting up a business requires a lot of thought, planning and a whole load of lists. There will be lists for every aspect; from the stationery you require to your marketing and business plan. One thing that should be considered is the technology you will need to use in your business, especially as we live in such a gadget orientated world. Here is the ultimate technology checklist for your business, to ensure you’re on top of the game.

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Computer or Laptop

This is the first, and most obvious must-have on any business checklist. Without a computer or laptop how are you going to manage your website, check your emails or market your business online? Depending on where you work, the size of your office and how often you travel, it should be a fairly easy decision to make as to which is best for you. Remember, a desktop computer tends to be far more powerful than a laptop, but is useless if you need to take it out and about. Some businesses will opt for one of each if they have the funds, so that they are always able to access what they need.

Printer, Scanner and Copier

We always recommend purchasing an ‘all-in-one’ printer, scanner and copier for your business, as it saves time, money and space. If you are just starting out then it should be fine to invest in a basic model that has all of the functions that you need. However, if you have more than one employee or need more advanced capabilities, then look at getting freestanding, professional printers, scanners and copiers.


If you have more than one person in the office then it is likely you are going to require a server for your business. A server will ensure that it is easy to share data and files, keep things secure and even manage applications such as instant messaging, emails and calendars. There are various types of server to chose from, depending on the size of your business, the number of computer systems you have and the capabilities you require. Use a website such as Insight Servers to browse through the available options, and see what is right for your business.

Portable Technology

If you’re running a business then it’s likely you are going to need to be readily available, wherever you may be. Portable technology now makes it easier than ever to keep up to date with our business, respond to clients and even manage data. Although it is not essential to be contactable 24/7 you will find that technology such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks make it easier than ever to stay on top of your business.

These are just the basics for any business, although you may find that your own company has different requirements. Creative industries may need things such as graphics tablets to work from, whereas consulting companies may need projectors to show client data. Once you have the basics in place, you will be able to expand your technology and always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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