The Rapidly Changing World Of Computers

Computers are rapidly changing the way we do things. For a technology that is still relatively new, their impact on the business and consumer sector has been incomprehensible. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that many people could see no useful application for computers in homes, much less for every individual. How times have changed.

As if it was not sufficient to own one computer, so many people nowadays own a few of them. Even though they do the same thing, we think we need a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and a bunch of little computers in our phones and music players. It is amazing to see the difference in just a few years in our attitudes toward computers. From doubting their use to embracing them as useful and necessary.

Now that everybody has their desktops and laptops, and we are all able to access the internet anytime we want to, our world has converted into a virtual playground. We can now connect with our foreign neighbors in a matter of seconds, regardless of how far away they are from us. It’s as if we no longer have borders in this highly digital world of ours.

Desktops have always been a great option, but the problem with them is that they are not mobile. They have all the capability of other computers, and then some, but it can be cumbersome at times to have to sit in the same spot while you are on them. For businesses and personal offices, desktop computers are still probably the favored option because of their power. They also make it easier to install new parts when the old ones are too slow.

But when people needed to be connected while traveling, the need for laptops really became apparent. The nature of many businesses is the ability to communicate with people no matter where you are. Laptops have become so convenient because we can now take our work with us anywhere. With wireless connectivity in many public places, including airports and airplanes, we have the ability to pull out a laptop and do business or pleasure whenever we want.

Then as laptops became more common, they started to get smaller until they didn’t look like laptops at all. They became small enough to hold in your hand and were known as handheld PDA’s. They couldn’t compare to the computing power of a desktop, but they have come a really long way since their inception.

Trends continue to evolve, and now we see that everyone wants their phone merged into the same device as all their other gadgets. Many people only carry around one device because it has everything they need. Why carry a big laptop when everything it does can be found on a smaller device that fitsĀ in your pocket? These devices look like they will be the next big thing in technology.

Our society has been converted into one that has to have all the latest gadgets, no matter how impractical they really are. Some people even look down on others if they still have last year’s model of some gadget. But those people will always be behind the curve just because of how fast technology is advancing

now. It is a game no one can ever win, though many people like to try.

Author: Adam Huang

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