The Latest Galaxy Tab Video Spot Makes A Solid Case For the 7-inch Android Tablet

The Galaxy Tab will soon be here and Samsung is revving up their marketing machine ahead of its launch. The latest video clocks in at just under two minutes and attempts to make a case for the tablet by yet again showing off its functions. Honestly, nothing shown is all that spectacular anymore thanks to the iPad’s rich feature set. The only two things demoed that are not available on the iPad is video chat and Flash compatibility, but I doubt many people will fail to notice those key advantages.

That’s actually fine. People like choices and consumers will no doubt smile at the fact that another tablet is finally available with a similar feature set as the iPad. It’s now up to a marketing blitz from Samsung and the four major carriers in the US to get the word out. Believe it or not, there is a good amount of people who doesn’t get their news from tech blogs. Crazies, I know.

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