The importance of owning a fire blanket

When it comes to fire safety, a fire extinguisher isn’t necessarily the best or quickest method for extinguishing flames. Fire blankets are not only a viable alternative to extinguishers, but they’re actually better for dealing with certain types of fires. For example, one of the most dangerous situations inside the home is a grease fire (which is started when oils and fats combust and ignite). Throwing water on a grease fire is an extremely bad idea as it will only fuel the flames (often resulting in an explosive burst that will cause the fire to expand and/or blow up in your face). Since some fire extinguishers might actually contain water, it is an extremely bad idea to use one for your typical stove / grease fire. Similarly, using an extinguisher on most electrical fires is just as hazardous and presents the very real possibility of not only being electrically shocked, but perhaps knocked unconscious as well.

Without a doubt, a fire blanket is one of the absolute best methods for extinguishing either grease or electrical fires around the home or office. Moreover, unlike conventional extinguishers, fire blankets never “run out of retardant” or become
inoperable. A fire blanket is not only able to deal with grease and electrical fires though; it’s also an invaluable tool for quickly dealing with situations where a person or their clothing has caught on fire.

Why do fire blankets work so well, you ask? In order for fire to exist you need three elements – heat, fuel source and oxygen. Fire blankets remove oxygen from the equation, thereby extinguishing the flames and averting a potentially deadly
scenario. Kevlar, wool, fiberglass or some other flame-retardant material which is not particularly “breathable” are some of the materials which are often used to create fire blankets; likewise, some are often coated in flame-retardant chemicals which further enhance their usefulness.

What’s the proper procedure for using a fire blanket? Using a fire blanket is as simple as grabbing two corners (on the same edge) and quickly (in one motion) draping it over the fire. In a matter of seconds the fire will subsist and a crisis will have been averted.

Lastly, owning several fire blankets is a great idea given that they are inexpensive and easy to store around your home in strategic locations.

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