The Galaxy Tab Hitting Verizon Wireless November 11th For $600 Straight Up

Verizon will soon be a one-stop shop for all your tablet needs. Come November 11th, the wireless carrier will be selling the Galaxy Tab alongside the iPad. The only thing is, the Galaxy Tab is a bit more expensive at $600 without any sort of subsidy and doesn’t come with a MiFi. But hey, maybe you have and Android tattooed on the underside of wrist and would rather have a 7-inch tablet rather than a 10-inch. Fine by Verizon. They’ll be happy to sell you whatever you want.

Buyers will have the option of adding on a $20 monthly data plan that will give their Galaxy Tab 1GB of data. That’s the same price as Verizon’s iPad plan.

This announcement actually answers a lot of questions about the Galaxy Tab’s US release. Samsung made it known a few weeks back that the US’s four major carriers would sell the tablet, but details were absent. Now we can properly speculate.

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