The Foundry’s Brad Feld Launches Personal Groupon Clone

In what is definitely a contender for strangest news of the day, The Foundry Managing Director Brad Feld has just debuted his own Groupon clone called “Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals.“ He built the clone through Seattle TechStars company Deal Co-Op which successfully pitched him on the “anyone can do daily deals” aspect of their service.

Says Feld:

“During one of our weekly mentoring meetings, they told me they could turn anyone with good business contacts and an online audience into their own Groupon. They asked me if I knew anyone that fit the bill, and I told them I did… me!”

Feld’s first deal is selling a $50 credit for $25 dollars on Boulder’s “social shopping” gear site Giant Nerd and it looks likes he’s got more offers coming soon. The Foundry was most recently in the news for the launch of a brand new, second $225 million venture fund. No word on Feld will be receiving any profits from the “Amazing Deals” clone or how long his enthusiasm for the ubiquitous model will last.

While Feld does also have an iPhone app extension of his brand, there’s really not very much further you can go from VCs turning themselves into Groupons.

What’s next? Ron Conway gets his own social network? Guess we’ll just have to stick with the @RonConwayFacts Twitter account for now.

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