The Features You Would Like Smartphones Of The Future To Have

It’s no secret that growing numbers of people use smartphones on a daily basis. These pocket-sized computers help us to perform a myriad of tasks each day. And for folks in the business world, they are a much-used resource when travelling from one location to another.

Yes, smartphones help us to make and receive calls and texts. They can also do so much more too. But, have you ever wondered what the devices of the future could offer us? Here are a few things we would like our future phones to have:



Improved augmented reality

In case you didn’t know, augmented reality is the practice of overlaying text and graphics on live video. Your car uses this technology already if you have a reverse camera, for instance.

Some smartphone apps use basic augmented reality. I’ve seen examples where parking apps let you take a photo of where your car is, and it logs GPS coordinates so you can find your way back.

One fan of augmented reality is Issa Asad. He uses an iPhone app called Golfscape GPS Rangefinder when he’s out playing a round of golf at his local range! It’s more than likely smartphones of the future will feature enhanced augmented reality. It could open up a whole world of possibilities using your handset.

Screen projection

We all know of the benefits that projectors offer. Some of us even use them at home, in place of conventional televisions. But, how cool would it be if future smartphones also acted as mobile projectors?

It’s no secret that lots of people watch videos on their mobile devices. Let’s say that you’re a Netflix user. You could stream your favorite programs onto a wall and watch them on an area bigger than your smartphone screen.

Apart from entertainment, pocket-sized projectors could also have other uses too. They can get used as teaching tools, especially in areas where there is little to no school funding. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless!

Bendable screens

Some people might argue that we already have that technology (do a Google search on the iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate” saga). But, on a serious note, lots of smartphone users want devices that have bendable or “flexible” screens.

We’ve already seen one or two examples in concept and production form. However, there isn’t anything out there to amaze us so far. What many of us want is the option to have a flexible screen that can adapt to any given situation.

One obvious use might be where we want to lay our handsets flat on a desk, but “point” the screen at an angle. That way, we can easily see when we get calls or messages.

Better batteries

A feature I can guarantee all mobile users want is superior battery technology! These days, it’s not uncommon for people to have to charge their phones at least once a day. Wouldn’t it be great if our phone batteries lasted a week or two, for example?

I’d sure like a battery that lasted that long! So, what other features would you like to see in your next smartphone?


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