The Best Tools & Software For Boosting Efficiency In Business

Here at TechGoo, we’re always on the lookout for tools, gadgets, and software that makes life easier. We’re particularly intrigued by productivity and efficiency tools. After all, the better organized you are, the better your business. Whether you run a large-scale company or work as a freelancer, you can never be too organized! Thanks to technology, we can now automate our entire business with sophisticated tools and software. In this post, we’re going to share some of our favourites with you.

Many are free downloads, and some of which you may already be using. Others are professional subscription tools. But all of them have one key thing in common. They make your business function better and smarter. At the end of the article, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please let us know what efficiency tools you’re using to help you out. We know there are hundreds out there, and these are just a select few.



Google Docs

We’ll start with a simple, easy, and free option. Anyone can sign up and start using Google Docs. But don’t let that you put you off. As with everything that Google do, it is flawless. It’s so intuitive to use, and it’s perfect for collaborative documents. You can use it to create spreadsheets, Word-style documents, or presentations. It’s Microsoft Office online, essentially. But, the smart thing about Google Docs is that you give others instant access to the work. A whole team can access and edit a spreadsheet, while others can edit your documents.

CRM software

CRM stands for customer relations manager, and it’s essential for any business selling products. In fact, it’s perfect for anyone collecting email addresses, subscriptions or customer data. It quickly and easily tracks every interaction with your customers. It stores their data and information for later use. It means you can see who all your best customers are, and when you last interacted with them. With CRM, you can track how often you send newsletters, who opened them, and what they clicked on. It’s the only way to monitor your relationship with each individual customer.

Inventory management

Much like CRM software, inventory management helps you keep track of things automatically. There’s no need to manually keep track of products and inventory, because it’s all taken care of. Online and offline retailers use this technology to keep track of their stock and inventory. Libraries use a similar inventory system to keep track of their books and checkins. Take a look at Bailey Solutions if you’re particularly interested in inventory management. This will help you stay on top of your stock and assets with ease.



Social media management tools

Most modern businesses now have a series of social media accounts. We all know they’re good for online marketing and connecting with customers. Unfortunately, it can often feel overwhelming. Managing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts isn’t easy! That’s why you need a social media management tool that groups them all together in one go. One of the best is ‘Hootsuite’. With a software dashboard, you can manage multiple accounts from one place. It tracks mentions, and lets you schedule posts with ease.

Content management system

A content management system, or CMS, is the backstage area of your website. It’s the tool that allows you to edit content, upload images, or write blogs. If you want the most efficient business system, you need a powerful CMS. It gives you instant access to your website to make updates and changes. A good CMS gives you a simple edit option, allowing you to write content in a Microsoft Word style editor. Forget about tricky coding and development teams. You can do it all quickly and easily.

Dual monitors

This one isn’t exactly a tool or piece of software, but we certainly couldn’t work without it. Once you go to a dual screen, you never go back! An extra computer monitor lets you spread your work out over two screens. It gives you a much better overview of your work, making you more productive, and much more efficient. It’s easier than you think to hook two monitors together. All you need is a simple connecting cable.


The last essential tool you need is an iPad. Carrying a handheld device around gives you much more flexibility. You can also stack it full of productivity and organization apps that keep you on track! With iPad on hand, you can always update documents, keep notes, and update your to-do list.

What productivity and efficiency tools could you not live without?

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