The Beatles Invade Apple. Take Over Website, iTunes, TV Ads, And Yes, Even Ping.

I am particularly glad to no longer be asked when the Beatles are coming to iTunes,” says Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in the official release announcing the band has finally come to iTunes.

Yes, well over 7 years after Apple’s online music store launched and completely changed the industry, The Beatles have landed. And they’ve landed in a major way. If you go to you’ll be greeted by a huge picture of the band with the words, “The Beatles. Now On iTunes.” Clicking on this takes you to a landing page with more. “In 1964 the band that changed everything came to America. Now they’re on iTunes,” another picture reads. Below that are links to videos that Apple is making available about the band.

That includes a few ads, which Apple will apparently be running on TV to let the world know that they’ve finally landed the big fish.

If you load up iTunes this morning, you’ll also see that The Beatles have basically completely taken over the store as well. The front page has a giant banner for the band, and under that are the individual albums, all of which you can buy for $12.99 each (or $19.99 for double albums). Individual songs are the high-end $1.29 a piece. Or you can buy the entire box set of Beatles albums for $149. That includes their Past Masters collection.

And yes, The Beatles are now on Ping.

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