Technology & Gardening… What You Need To Know

A lot of people believe that technology and gardening don’t mix. In some cases this might be true, but there is a lot of new technology available for your garden these days that just about anybody can get along with. In this article I shall discuss new and exciting technology for your garden that you probably didn’t know existed!

An eco friendly bird box that allows you to plug in your mp3 player or listen to the radio is now available for purchase! You can plug in your iphone or mp3 player and the music will play out loud while lights on the box flash, giving a disco atmosphere. The box is made out of cardboard so that once it’s life is over it can be easily recycled. This exciting new piece of technology is powered by AA batteries and costs just £19.99.

There a grills readily available for you to use in any weather condition. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, you can barbecue your favourite dishes all year round. To accompany this there is a great product called the “grillzebo“. This is a gazebo specially designed to protect you whilst you are grilling. It is quite pricy at nearly one thousand pounds, but can your grilling quality and enjoyment really be compromised? Can you afford to grill without it? Probably. But it’s a nice idea. Be sure to match your grillzebo with new garden furiture sets to complete the look!

An app for your smartphone is currently being developed that allows you to keep an eye on your plants vital signs, helping you to keep them growing! The app is by a company called Parrot and will be called “Flower Power“. A sensor requiring one AAA battery can be placed in the soil of a plant, and the sensor will monitor your plants critical stats. The sensor is linked with the app on your smartphone – alerting you if anything begins to go wrong! You can monitor up to 6000 plants with the app, all requiring their own sensor, and from one sensor you get months of life. So, if like me you are great at killing plants, this piece of gardening technology is perfect for you!

Just about everybody has problems with birds. They may seem harmless at first, but they soon ruin your shrubs and leave a mess on your windscreen! Now you can relax as a device has been developed that doesn’t harm the birds in any way, it simply scares them away! The great news is that it’s solar powered, meaning that it does not require electricity to function.

This device is called the “Bird B Gone Bird Repeller” and will help keep all manor of birds out of your shrubs and away from your windscreen! Ordering from Amazon will cost you about £65, and you will receive two units, each covering a 5 foot area in diameter. 2 AA rechargable batteries are also included to store energy when it’s sunny.

This new gardening technology is sure to keep your garden a lush, green, exciting place to be! Still think gardening and technology doesn’t mix? Didn’t think so!

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