TechCrunch Asian Sampler Platter: Meet Me in Singapore or Indonesia

It’s been nice sleeping in my own bed, reconnecting with the good, ol’ eco-chamber and actually getting to see my husband for the last six weeks, but I’ve been in one place too long. I am hitting the road again, hunting for good startups and entrepreneurs.

If you didn’t follow my 40-weeks of travel for my book, here’s how it works: I don’t make a schedule and I usually don’t announce where I’m going before hand or read a lot of pitches, I just to find cool people to write about by asking around on the ground. Now that my book is done, expect more posts on TechCrunch about who and what I find in each place I visit.

If you’re an entrepreneur thinking of pitching me, you should know I tend to get excited about four things: Wacky almost futuristic science projects that actually work, companies that are trying to address huge domestic or regional needs in innovative ways that the West wouldn’t have thought of; the role that culture, history, education and even the government and social structures play in giving rise to this new culture of high-growth entrepreneurship around the emerging world; and really, really awesome local food.

Friday night I leave for Singapore and, as I learned on Twitter today, will be headlining this event. Come say hi. In Indonesia I’ll be speaking at this event. I’ll be in each place a week and will cram as many startups in as I can.

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