Socialtext 4.5 Launches With More Powerful Search, Salesforce Connector And More

The enterprise social networking space is competitive; which is why companies like Salesforce, Jive, Yammer, Socialcast and others continue to innovate at a rapid pace. Another competitor, Socialtext, which offers an enterprise social software platform built around microblogging, is launching a new version today only six months after releasing Socialtext 4.0 to the public.

One of the major additions to the platform is a more powerful search interface. With Socialtext Explore, users can find not just links to documents, projects, websites and more, but also see the microblogging messages, pages posts, pictures and files attached to shared work. It essentially combines search with bookmarking, allowing employees to see context around any shared work. Users can search microblogging messages by tag, a person, group, or date range.

Socialtext is also releasing a new Salesforce Connector that allows users to choose any actions completed within Salesforce’s CRM platform and post them as events into Socialtext’s activity stream. The advantage of this integration, says Socialtext, is that an entire workforce (beyond just Sales) can discuss and collaborate over actions on Salesforce. The company also features a similar connector for Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress and Bugzilla.

The Salesforce integration seems similar in some ways to the functions that the CRM company features in its own social networking platform, Chatter. But Socialtext, which is being used by over 6,500 companies worldwide, says that context matters, and adding the ability for an entire workforce to comment on an action outside the platform is helpful to businesses.

Socialtext 4.5 is available on its on-site managed appliance, desktop application,, mobile apps and web-based product. Socialtext’s collaboration tool has a freemium model and a paid service.

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