Social Browser Aims To Keep Friends Connected

RockMelt just rolled out a new browser specifically designed for social media. Available in beta, the browser builds in the web’s most popular social networks and services to make sharing with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other sites faster.

RockMelt was founded by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria in November 2008 and is backed by Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, the Internet’s first browser. RockMelt is built on top of Chromium, the open-source project behind Google Chrome.

“Today’s web users need a browser that does more than just navigate pages. RockMelt helps people do the things they do every single day — keep up with their friends, share, get updates, and search,” said Vishria, RockMelt’s CEO. “We are very excited to begin offering early access to the RockMelt beta as we begin the race to our first million users.”

A Totally Different Experience

RockMelt likes to say it has re-imagined the browser experience around how people use the web. Users can, for example, log into RockMelt through Facebook Platform, which gives them immediate access to Facebook, Twitter and other popular social and web services directly integrated into the browser.

RockMelt builds sharing directly into the browser, allowing users to update their status, tweet or share content on Facebook, Twitter and other services with just one click. RockMelt is also the first browser backed by a cloud service, which means users don’t lose their settings when they are on a different computer. It’s also the first with push notifications to alert users when a new story comes out, a friend posts new pictures, a new video is available, and so on.

“RockMelt is onto something huge. They’ve rethought the browser around the massive shifts in user behavior that will drive the web over the next decade,” said Andreessen, a general partner in Andreessen Horowitz….

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