Slangatang – A Quirky Soundboard App Which Just Might Have Potential

The average shelf life of a smartphone app is pretty short. For free apps, only about 20 percent of users (in the case of iPhone apps) return to use the app the first day after they download it, and then it quickly drops off from there. So there is a very brief window of time to capture people’s attention and potential revenues.

Slangatang is a beta just out of a new free sound entertainment app which allows people to listen to humorous soundbites from characters from around the world. The app is now on the Blackberry and Android markets or for Nokia phones via text (standard network rates apply, you can download the app from here (mobile download link or in BlackBerry app world).

On the face of it it’s pretty simple. But what’s more interesting is that unlike traditional Soundboard apps which are a dime a dozen, the creators have realised that it’s going to be smarter to allow users themselves to upload the quirky phrases themselves. That feature goes live soon.

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