Shwowp Wants To Change The Way You Shop

Shopping platform Shwowp aspires to be“a Tripit plus Blippy plus Mint for shopping.” Founded by Internet marketer Tara Hunt, Shwowp (in the same space as RightCliq) attempts to grapple with the issue of all our purchase data being siloed across multiple retailers like Amazon, Bluefly, etc by trying to corral our diverse shopping history into one place.

Shwowp users can make a purchase, forward the receipt or order information to [email protected] and the service will synch that info to their account. Once there a user can change their own data, view their buying patterns and share information about the shopping experience like how long it took to get to the store, availability, how influenced they were by what their friends were buying and so on and so forth.

Of course the end of goal of this is a serving up a personal RFP in order make shopping data more useful, i.e. provide customers with targeted discounts based on their buying history.

Founder Hunt asserts that currently data is “one sided” and hopes that the fully portable Shwowp platform will make sure that customers really take advantage of their own data and get the shopping experience they needed.

Currently in the friends and family stage of funding, Shwowp plans on making money through affiliate advertising, coupons, opt-in vendor deals, data reporting as well as API usage.  They’re targeting the female market primarily, at $37 million dollars a year.

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