SAP Rolls Out a Mobile CRM App for the BlackBerry

In a move that highlights the importance of customer relationship management on the go, SAP’s Sybase has introduced an application that makes the BlackBerry a mobile CRM tool. The app may remind some business users of the importance of owning a Research In Motion device.

Dubbed Mobile Sales for SAP CRM for BlackBerry, Sybase is calling it a “super app.” The application paves the way for sales, service and marketing pros to work more productively from anywhere. It promises up-to-the-minute SAP customer and business-analytics data and the ability to seamlessly conduct work-flow processes anytime.

“We are seeing CRM as one of the primary entry points for enterprise mobility implementations,” said Gary Kovacs, senior vice president of markets, products and solutions at Sybase. “Real-time mobile access to proven business applications in the SAP Business Suite significantly drives innovation, productivity and the overall customer experience.”

Mobile CRM Gains Momentum

SAP’s CRM app offers features like instant alerts via BlackBerry push technology. And integration with the BlackBerry inbox and calendar offers users the ability to tap into some of the BlackBerry’s perennial strong points. Beyond potential productivity gains, using the app also opens the door to possibilities like shortening sales cycles and increasing visibility into performance.

SAP’s goal is to transform enterprise operations to “not only address the short-term imperatives of reducing costs and better decision-making in the field, but also helping companies achieve differentiated capabilities in order to compete effectively over the long term.”

SAP pointed out research from the Yankee Group that reveals mobile CRM solutions have a more than 70 percent adoption rate by enterprise users. That surpasses even traditional CRM options. The solution will be available in November. SAP did not offer pricing details.

Advantage BlackBerry

SAP is making business-critical data available on the smartphone of choice for many enterprises. No plans for similar apps for the…

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