Reasons Why You Might Buy a Fake Replica Ferrari

Ferrari is a car brand that is synonymous with exotic, luxury and performance supercars. The types of people that would typically own and drive a Ferrari tend to be the well-off, considering that the cheapest brand new Ferrari that you can buy (the “California”), will set you back around £152,000.

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That sort of price is about the amount for a typical mortgage on a 3-bedroom house, and you normally have around 25 years to pay them off, whereas people that buy a Ferrari tend to pay for it in cash! Apart from stealing one, winning one, or being given one for free, is there a more affordable way to get your hands on that iconic Ferrari styling and performance? Well there is – sort of.

Many people in Britain have taken car modification to the extreme and created their very own Ferrari replicas, using their own cars as the basis for such a transformation. It is a fun and creative way to get people’s attention, but is it a good idea to undertake such a mammoth project? Here are the pros and cons of buying or building a Ferrari replica:

Pros and cons of owning a fake Ferrari

  • It’s fun – driving around in a replica Ferrari can be fun, and will often turn heads wherever you go;
  • It’s cheap to buy and build – why spend a fortune on buying the real deal when you can build a fake Ferrari or buy an already-built one for a small fraction of the cost?
  • It’ll make your neighbours jealous – if you buy a ready-made Ferrari replica, imagine the looks on your neighbours’ faces when they see you pull into your drive. They will think you’ve won the lottery!
  • Running costs are low – even if you somehow had the money to buy a real Ferrari, you would still spend a small fortune maintaining, insuring and fueling it;

These are just some of the benefits to buying or building your own replica Ferrari. But of course there are also some negative points about such a car:

  • It’s fake – I know I’m stating the obvious here, but you can’t really go around telling people you own a Ferrari when really it’s a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing!
  • Some people can easily spot a fake Ferrari – many people are into motorsport and cars in general, and will be able to easily tell that your “Ferrari” isn’t what it appears to be;
  • Badly built replicas can be embarrassing – if your fake Ferrari is a bit of a bodge job, you are more likely to get people laughing at you rather than envying you;
  • Your car won’t sound like a Ferrari – not unless you have an actual Ferrari engine installed, by which time it probably would have been cheaper to just buy the real thing!

If you have decided that having a fake Ferrari is not for you, and you have the cash to buy the real thing, then you should head down to the Ferrari showroom facelift at Jardine Motors.

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