How Printing Has Evolved In The Past Ten Years


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Recently, I was presented with a statement from a family member that somewhat surprised me. They commented that “printers aren’t relevant anymore”. I just couldn’t agree. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve continued to see printers being used at an almost increasing rate. It seemed like they believed that printing simply hasn’t evolved with the times. But it has, and I’m going to tell you how it has managed it.


3D Printing


Even though you might not remember it, 3D printing did exist back in 2006. However, it has made major strides in the years since, offering practically limitless possibilities. Nowadays, 3D printers are becoming much more affordable for consumers. This offers all sorts of future possibilities for those who can afford them. Let’s not forget all the great things 3D printing is currently being used for, though, like scientific research. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop further.


Portable Printing


Back in 2006, portable printing wasn’t quite as simple as it is today. We did have wireless printing back then, but it wasn’t as prominent. Now, Wi-Fi printing is commonplace in practically every model. There has also been a greater rise in the availability of portable printers that can be used for remote business purposes. The quality of these printers has improved significantly over time.


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Easier Installation


For those who use printers for personal use, it has never been easier to install a printer. In many cases, it’s simply a case of plugging it into the computer and waiting for it to be detected. For businesses, things have changed for the better, mostly due to advancements in technology. Office printers can now do all sorts of tasks, meaning issues can crop up, but they’re still easy enough to install. Don’t worry; you’ve always got services like Ricoh Support on hand to deal with any issues!




The difference in quality that modern printers can provide is different to what it was ten years ago. Due to years of development, photo-quality images are easily printed on even the most basic of printers. Ink cartridges are still as expensive as they ever were, but they’re also improving in quality. If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, you can even get printers that will staple and bind books for you!




Everything has become more accessible to those who need printing features over the last ten years. While printers were a common household item ten years ago, they’re even more so today. The real benefit comes for those who utilise specific printing services, however. Getting business cards and flyers printed on your home printers is entirely possible. If you don’t go down that route, it’s still very cheap to do this with professional services. In fact, all sorts of tasks can now be handled with greater ease, cheaper costs and quicker turnaround times.


I refuse to believe that printers “aren’t relevant anymore”. They’re still found everywhere you go, and businesses don’t hesitate to drop masses of money on the latest models. They’re a necessity in this modern world, and they’ll continue to dominate for a long time yet.

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