Exits Beta, Wants To Make Bug Tracking Fun

Let’s face it, bug tracking is a chore. It’s by far the least sexy side of software development and, frankly, many of the tools available to handle the process reflect this. That’s something that London-based startup PlayNicely Labs is trying to change with its first offering,, a web-based bug tracker that focuses on speed, UX and, well, fun.

Yes, you read that correctly. PlayNicely is attempting to actually make bug tracking fun. It does this in part by adding gaming metrics via Foursquare-style badges, which as gimmicky as that sounds, Flickr’s own internal bug tracking app already does this. So perhaps it was inevitable that a publicly available offering would do something similar, and might just be the first. To that end, Beta testers will have already got the “Early Adopter” badge, while 20 bugs cleared unlocks the “Squasher” badge and so on.

(And to think PlayNicely Labs co-founder Basheera Khan, a former TechCrunch Europe alumni, left us to squash bugs. It takes all sorts.)

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