OMG/JK: Attack Of The Anthropomorphized Smartphones!

It’s finally happened. MG’s love for all things Apple has manifested itself in physical form, and he now wears an iPhone to work every day. The doctors say we should try to make him feel like this is normal, so I’ve taken to donning a matching Android handset. Clashes are frequent — the hallway leading to TC HQ literally isn’t big enough for both of us, and the rest of the team is tasked with making sure we don’t push each other’s buttons.

Or maybe it’s just time for a special Halloween edition of OMG/JK.

This week’s topics include the forthcoming Verizon iPhone, which seems to finally be more than just an Apple fanboy’s pipe dream. And who could forget the infamous white iPhone — the chink in Apple’s armor that keeps reminding the public that Steve Jobs is not quite omnipotent. We also discuss the company formerly known as UberCab, which is facing a new foe: the City of San Francisco.

And don’t miss the thrilling struggle as I attempt to say the word “anthropomorphized” on air. Will I succeed? You’ll have to watch til the episode’s haunting conclusion to find out.

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