New Battery Technology Could Help Lower British Energy Bills

The energy bills are a key to frustration for the government and yes for the household person as well. The more energy you use, the more bill, you need to pay. It always makes you worried to save up for such a thing, rather than going out with your family with that same amount of money. However, electricity is necessary; nothing works without it. So, we need to trust Ofgem for their promise.

What is battery technology?

Battery technology has already been in existence in many areas of UK. With the increased demand many people have added solar panels and are already generating their electricity. Wind mills are a great help too. With passing time Ofgem states that the consumption will become more and we need to work out for this factor. Therefore, if people have their batteries at their houses that will make it easier. Batteries set at the generating grids that will further store the excess of wind and sun light. When the demand increases, these batteries can be used to give away electricity. Read more on

Why battery technology?

The energy consumption seems to be growing rapidly, and for that very cause, we need to look out for the electricity we are using. It is evident that all the things mostly work with electricity, therefore to keep it up to the mark for the later years to come, we need an alternative that is way better and cheaper. Battery technology is studied thoroughly, and it’s placed at your home for the generation of electricity. Making things much easier and the money lesser. Knowing that the government is working for battery technology is a security that we won’t ever run out of electricity supply.

How can it cut down your bill?

More appliances you use, more bill you have to pay. When you are receiving an electrical connection from the grid system, then mostly you are charged more as the peak hours are the same and the units become expensive than others. So, it is a disadvantage for all the users out there. The cutting down of your bill is helpful while you have a battery technology at home. It would simply save up all the additional electricity stored due to the sun and the wind. Once there is any shortage at the grid station, these linked up connections can send the electricity providing it to others.

Cleaner and greener:

The battery technology seems to be cleaner than the usual energy supplies. It makes you get all the energy when the sun is out and when the wind is still there. It’s greener in the sense that you can reach out for the energy made out of natural ways. All the renewables are a good source for our households and the safer and clean world. It’s one of the best ways to consume the natural resources.


Ofgem has mentioned that the value of electricity will stay the same, but the price will be cut down to a greater value. It’s much better and a reliable way to generate electricity for your house. The advantages are more than one can think of, and the fact that it is safe from all the other products. It is as natural and pure as it can be.

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