Must-Have Xbox 360 Accessories

When you purchase an Xbox 360, you have sudden access to hundreds of titles with amazing graphics and audio, high-tech controllers, cables, and even free games. Many times the little extras thrown in along with console make for a happy buyer. It goes without saying that you will also need a good television set, even one with high-def, in order to improve the Xbox 360 gaming experience.

Remember, though, that the television is not the be-all and end-all of the Xbox 360 accessories. You also have numerous first and second party accessories for your Xbox, many of which can enhance the gaming experience and help you expand on your console’s capabilities. (Do keep in mind that third-party accessories are made by other companies, and some false claims may cause buyers to spend money on products that don’t work properly.) Here, then, are the must haves for the Xbox 360.

The first thing to buy are some extra controllers, especially if you’re interested in playing games with a multiplayer option, like Halo 3 or Gears of War 2. The box only comes with one controller, even though the Xbox 360 can let you play with up to three friends at the same time. You have your choice of controllers, either wired or wireless.

When choosing from among many choices of controllers, always opt for the first-party products since these carry the assurance of quality from the manufacturer. Third-party controllers are also good except that you might not have the benefit of durability. And it pays to choose the original Xbox 360 controllers in either black or white for two reasons – it is built to last and it is compatible with MS Windows computers.

The second thing you should consider is a universal remote for the Xbox 360. Not only can you play some games using the remote alone, you can also use it when you’re playing DVDs or movie CDs on your Xbox 360, not to mention controlling the television itself as well as a Windows Media Center-enabled computer.

3) Third, you should get an Xbox 360 Messenger Kit which will allow online messaging with fellow gamers. Some come with a headset that allows you to chat over Xbox Live as well as working with Windows-based PCs. Another bonus is the ability to use the headset when playing games with voice recognition support, all of which will enhance your gaming experience.

Other Xbox 360 accessories that you can purchase include the Wireless Gaming Receiver that allows other wireless accessories like the headset and steering wheels to be used on a Windows-enabled computer as well as the Quick Charge Kit that can charge two rechargeable battery packs. Just assess your needs for accessories before buying them as some may actually be useless in your games preference.

In conclusion, Xbox 36- accessories can and will enhance your enjoyment of the popular gaming console if and when you chose it to suit your needs, not of anyone else’s. Plus, it is always best to purchase genuine Microsoft and Microsoft-endorsed accessories, just to be of the safe and sure side.

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