Microsoft Promises You’ll Use Your Phone Less With Windows Phone 7

As we all know, early adopters hate pulling out their phones. They would, quite honestly, prefer to leave their phones safely ensconced in little leather holsters on their belts, glancing at them only once or twice during the day and spending the rest of the time riding tandem bicycles with loved ones and eating delicate smoked cheeses. This is, it seems, the message Microsoft is trying to impart with these new <A HREF=" Phone 7 ads (after the jump) which tout the phone's simple interface by suggesting that you'll get more done with less. True? Possibly. A valuable marketing message? Probably not.

Windows Phone 7 is obviously the most exciting thing to come out of Redmond in a while and to suggest it is so simple that you barely have to use your phone is to misunderestimate the user base for these things. The first users will use these phones until their fingers bleed and only after a bit of coaxing will people who don't want to use phones start using WinPho. I'd suspect those users already have Android phones or, barring that, some mix of Blackberry/iPhone usage in their lives, so it will be an even tougher slog for WinPho. Generally, Microsoft would be better off suggesting that you can launch nuclear missiles with your phone than suggest that Blackberry users are inconsiderate shilly–shalliers.

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