Master The Music On Your Mobile With These Tricks

If you love your music, then you’re going to want to make sure that it comes just about everywhere with you. That’s not all that difficult, either, thanks to mobile devices. However, you won’t be the only person to recognize that you’re not getting the full kick from listening to music on your mobile. So, we’ll look at how you scratch that audiophile itch.


Invest in proper headphones

We understand that proper quality headphones can be expensive. But it’s worth the increase in price. From the comfort of long-term wearing to sheer sound fidelity, you won’t be able to match premium headphones with a pair of tinny $10 earphones. It can even be a better long-term investment. Lower quality earphones need replacements a lot more often while you can do plenty to extend the life of a pair of good headphones. It’s not difficult to identify what’s wrong with a pair of headphones and get the replacement parts you need. Once you get a quality pair of headphones, you should rarely need to fully replace it.

Know your formats

Once you have the hardware sorted, let’s start by looking at what music you’re actually using. If you have files you’re playing directly from the phone, then music format is going to play a big role. Mp3s are the most common compression format, but they actually reduce the sound quality to a surprising amount. Quality isn’t all that matters about format, however. Some formats require specific tools to play, so ensure that you’re looking at format quality and compatibility and downloading the right apps and codecs for them.

Breaking the quality barrier

Even if you have your phone prepared to play your WAV and FLAC files, your phone might not give up the goods so easily. A lot of mobiles have some restrictions on the maximum audio quality they can put out, but there are tutorials you can use online to unlock the true quality of your music.


Beyond the overall quality of the music, how you deal with individual frequencies of sound has a huge impact on just how pleasant your listening experience is. While some phones come with built-in versions, the equalizing apps you can download usually offer a much better experience. It’s a good idea to choose a song with plenty of highs and lows, as well as bass and treble to equalize to. You want to make sure you can hear everything while drowning out nothing.

Carry your whole library with you

Of course, if you really love music, there’s a good chance that you want plenty of it with you. To that end, the storage space on your phone sometimes isn’t enough. That’s why, if you live in an area with a strong network connection, you should download streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal. Some businesses are even launching services allowing you to create your very own streaming library. That way, you don’t have to rely on the sometimes-limited selection of already existing libraries.

It takes a bit of investment and a little more knowledge on the working of your phone. However, if you love music, it’s well worth putting in the effort to ensure you’re getting the sound quality your ears deserve.

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