Mark Zuckerberg Joins Bill Gates and Steve Jobs With ‘Simpsons’ Cameo

As a complete The Simpsons dork, I’m just going to ignore “journalistic integrity” or whatever for the moment to blabber on for two paragraphs about how cool this is. In making an appearance on The Simpsons “Loan-A-Lisa” episode last night, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joined the pantheon of Internet moguls Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, achieving the honorary PhD in nerd pop culture that is awarded with every appearance on Matt Groening’s opus.

Want context? Nelson founds a super successful bike shop and decides to drop out of school. Lisa takes him to a TCDisrupt-like “Entrepreneur Expo” where she attempts to introduce him to rich people that can demonstrate how having an education is crucial to their success. Except that between Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Virgin America’s Richard Branson (who all end up in a “chicken fight”) nary can demonstrate a degree. In fact, the animated Zuckerberg exclaims, “I’ll get the best kind of degree, honorary.”

Even more context here and here.

Enjoy Zuckerberg’s fellow college dropout Steve Jobs’ Simpsons stint below. Highlight, “He’s like a God who knows what we want.”

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