MacBook Air Problem Reportedly Confirmed by Memo

An Air leak is causing problems for Apple. A memo circulating on tech web sites, purporting to be a leaked internal document from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company, confirms reports of display problems for the new MacBook Air.

There have been complaints on tech sites and in several Apple-focused forums about flickering horizontal lines in the new product. Apple hasn’t publicly indicated it’s aware of a problem, but the memo, first published Thursday on Boy Genius Report and dated Oct. 27, said the “internal display fades dark to light colors after waking from sleep.”

Software Update Coming

The memo, which is marked “Apple Internal Use Only” and “Issue/Investigation in Progress,” said the problem affects both the 13-inch and the 11-inch models. The newest MacBook Air was unveiled about two weeks ago, and is the thinnest computer yet from Apple.

The resolution to the problem, according to the memo, is to “have the customer put the computer to sleep by closing the lid, wait 10 seconds, then open the lid to wake the computer.” It added that this action “should force a display power cycle, and the display should return to normal.”

The memo also said the “issue has been isolated and will be fixed in an upcoming software update.” It recommends that Apple take the position that “it is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.”

In addition to the flickering horizontal lines after waking from sleep, there are reports of a similar issue if an external display is plugged in. Additionally, some users are finding a bug that causes the screen to fade to dark from light repeatedly, also after waking, and there are postings on forums about screen freezes and a distortion that looks like water ripples vibrating.

Avoiding Another Antennagate

There are also reports that battery life is reduced by as much…

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