LinkedIn Signal Aims To Deliver Relevant Status Updates

LinkedIn on Wednesday rolled out LinkedIn Signal, a beta product that changes the social paradigm of the business-networking site. LinkedIn hinted that this is the first of many products to make it easy for professionals to winnow the never-ending stream of status updates and news to find the information that matters most to them.

“LinkedIn is addressing an unanticipated outcome of event streaming, which is chaos. The signal-to-noise ratio has reduced the effectiveness of a lot of these solutions,” said Brad Shimmin, an analyst at Current Analysis. “Software that employs event streaming has been moving to cut down on the junk that shows up in your event stream. Signal is LinkedIn’s response to the issue.”

Five Key Features

LinkedIn is rolling out five key features on Signal. Those features allow members to filter, search, get auto updates in real time, find relevant trending links, and see who is sharing links.

“Hidden in the stream of status updates is information that’s valuable and helps you be better at your job,” said Esteben Kozak, principal product manager at LinkedIn. Kozak said Signal lets members hone in on information they are most interested in, such as updates from specific groups. Members can filter by network, industry, company, time, region, school or popular hash tags.

“LinkedIn Signal allows you to also search for specific keywords or topics you’d like to keep up to date on,” Kozak said. “You could also search for your favorite public personalities or a colleague whose updates you’d like to find quickly.” Signal shows rich content shared by members in real-time, and users will see an alert at the top of the stream when new data is available.

Avoiding Information Overload

Signal also mines all the shared links on status updates and shows members the most popular links. “You will notice that the links will change over…

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