LG Sells More Than One Million Optimus Ones in 40 Days

LG Electronics sold more than one million of its new Optimus One smartphones during the first 40 days of availability, the Korea-based handset maker said Tuesday. Moreover, the Android-powered smartphone is still being rolled out worldwide, and will soon be available through 120 carriers and partners, the company added.

LG’s expectation is that the Optimus One will eventually become the company’s first smartphone to exceed 10 million in unit sales. The mobile device is already available from U.S. carriers Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile, and will be launching on the Verizon Wireless network later this week as the LG Vortex, noted Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications.

“LG Optimus One was designed to provide an easy transition into the world of smartphones, and as these numbers demonstrate, there is obviously a strong demand for this type of device,” Park said. “Optimus One seems to be what many customers were waiting for, proving that smartphones aren’t just for early adopters anymore.”

In Need of Innovation

However, Optimus One sales will need to maintain a brisk pace just to keep LG from falling farther behind the smartphone market leaders. According to IDC, Nokia sold 26.5 million smartphones in the third quarter, followed by Apple (14.1 million), Research In Motion (12.4 million), Samsung (7.2 million), and HTC (5.8 million).

Gartner analysts note that even though LG sold 27.5 million mobile devices in the third quarter, its global market share dropped to 6.6 percent — from 10.3 percent in the same quarter last year. “LG’s strengths in stylish mid-tier devices are becoming less relevant in mature markets that are moving increasingly toward smartphones, and this is translating directly into market share,” the firm’s analysts said.

Though the Optimus One may finally give LG the flagship smartphone it has long lacked, clearly more work needs to…

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