Lady Luck: Fun Ways to Win Prizes Online

It’s always a thrill when you win something, whether you do it through your own effort and talent or simply by luck. Some people seem to gain things throughout their lives much easier than others do, but that’s just the luck of the draw. Even if you don’t win anything, just the act of playing a game, buying a ticket or entering a competition can be fun. The anticipation of whether or not you’re going to win is half of the excitement, so you don’t mind too much if you don’t win. In the past, people tried to win prizes in casinos, bingo halls, and magazines, but now all of that is available online. If you want the chance to win prizes without having to get off your sofa, try some of these top methods for winning.



Enter Competitions

Brands love running competitions because it gets them plenty of attention, both from their existing customers and people who have never heard of them before. Magazines have run competitions for a long time, and so have products that have encouraged you to do things like collect cereal box tokens. But with the internet, you can enter hundreds of competitions in one day. You can find them on social media, blogs, forums and brand websites. There are lots of different prizes, ranging from small things like makeup to holidays and cash.

Play Slot Machines and Instant Games

Most people have probably had a go or two on a slot machine in a pub or bar, or perhaps even visited a casino. But there’s no need to go to Vegas or even down the road for a drink when you have an internet connection. All the games that you can play in a casino are available online too. And you’ll still find all the different themes and fun graphics that you get when you play them “in real life”, like this Zorro Pokie game that you can play online or on a machine. It’s all chance though, so winning is always a lovely surprise.

Have a Game of Bingo

Long have older people, as well as younger generations, enjoyed going to the bingo hall for a game. It’s not just a competition, but a social event too. You can chat with all your friends as the numbers are read out, and you mark them off on your card. Companies that run online bingo games have made sure that you don’t lose that social element by giving you a chat window to talk to other players. Everyone can encourage and congratulate each other while you play.

Enter Online Games Tournaments

If you’re a video games whizz, you can try entering some online tournaments with your chosen console. Some of them are just for practice so you can prepare yourself for bigger competitions, but others have great prizes. You can get money and games-related prizes as a reward for being such a great player.

Although it’s harder to find online games based on your talent, it’s no less fun when you know your chance of winning is random. And you can still find skill-based prizes like games tournaments, as well as competitions based on entering a video, photo or other creative efforts.


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