Killing Floor 2 Review

The nature of the game is obvious from its brash name not because it’s a sequel, but because the name is indicative of violence. Killing Floor 2 is surely a treat for those people who like violence because it gives you a gun in your hand, and it allows you to run rampantly and kill to satisfy your urge to kill. You might find the game monotonous because from start to the end, the foundations of the game mostly remain the same, but the interesting thing is that before moving to the end, you will collect an arsenal of weapons which you can use to easily kill a group of enemies known as Zed.


The entire game is a matter of focus; if you are focusing, you will enjoy much more than the other way round. Shooting a gun is really a fun, and how much pleasure you get from the game depends on where you shoot. For instance, if you point a gun at the zombies head and shoot it, then the splitting of its brain to thousand pieces and shattering of blood will really give you some real pleasure. All you have to do is maintain your focus and make a rhythm while shooting the zombies’ brains. You may find the sounds of the game little gruesome, but the entire game is not about sounds; you may even laugh at the violence and the ridiculous threat you are presented with.

Waves in the Game

Killing Floor 2 is also admittedly perfect when it comes to the matter of ramping up the tension. The game isn’t divided into levels, but different waves. The first wave is easier, the second difficult, third more difficult and so on. In the final wave, you will get a random boss which you will have to defeat. All this is very simple but stunning, the t-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog.

Strategies and Addiction

You may think that the game moves in a linear and monotonous way, but that is not so. At some points, the atmosphere will become so horrific that you will feel overwhelmed by the constant increase of the resistance. We can’t say about the situations as scary, but one thing is certain that many times, you will feel panic and think of new strategies to defeat the zombies. This desire to come up with new strategies is really addictive.

Money and Experience Points

Unlike many traditional killing games, in Killing Floor 2, you don’t kill only for the sake of killing, but by killing you earn money as well as experience points. This earning brings the game to a whole new level. With the earning you have made, you can buy many things like different weapons, and with the help of earnings, you can also add perks to your character. The perks you get have different characteristics like you can get the power of healing as well as you can get many active skills which will help you to go very far in the game. All these features make this game really amazing. The CD Key of this game can be purchased from G2A and for discounts use coupons from Coupon Goo.

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