Italy Orders Google To Clearly Label Street View Cars, Advertise Routes

Parts of Europe have been, for whatever reason, more wary of Google’s Street View service than others. The occasional lawsuit hasn’t prevented the march of progress, though Italy’s new regulations may cause more of a hassle than the occasional grumpy homeowner. The Privacy Authority President, Francesco Pizzetti, described the outrage:

“There has been strong alarm and also hostility in a lot of European countries against Google taking photos. We have received protests even from local administrations.”

Odd that a country so heavily invested in their tourist industry, which consists largely of foreign people taking millions of photos of the country’s most previous possessions, would take issue with the far more systematic and predictable Street View operations. Considering their handling of that other incident, it seems that perhaps the Italian government is simply not equipped to deal progressively with the implications and consequences of the internet and Google in particular.

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