Insurer Picks Project Insight To Simplify IT Management

National Western Life is a leading life insurance company with a growing number of information technology (IT) projects. Previously, projects were managed with whiteboards and with spreadsheets, making it difficult to assess the financial impact of projects on the organization.

The IT team which runs projects did not have visibility into its resource management needs. There was no efficient process for delivering project schedules on time and within budget. The project team, which included internal and external project members, did not have a good method for capturing all time spent on projects.

The National Western Life’s chief accounting officer mandated that the IT department create a project management structure and process that would better support the company’s increasingly important projects. In addition to having an online, web-based solution that would provide access for internal and external project members, the priorities included:

• Establishing project templates
• Effectively allocating resources
• Capturing and monitoring hours spent on projects
• Real-time reports and financial dashboards

After a formal evaluation of ten project systems, Project Insight online project management software was chosen. National Western Life values Project Insight’s easy to use, centralized, online project management abilities, effective resource allocation and useful financial portfolio reports. Plus, the Project Insight team also provides personalized support and training which gives the customer the knowledge they need.

Project Insight was used for a major system upgrade project. To date, this project already has over 150 team members entering time and over 110,000 hours logged against it. Now, the chief accounting officer has access to real-time project and portfolio financial information, and is able to capitalize and expense project costs accurately.

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