Importance of SEO in 2018 for Startups

Some marketing trends come and go while others stick around. SEO is one such marketing trend that isn’t going anywhere. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, having a good SEO strategy is crucial to your success. If you haven’t already made SEO part of your marketing strategy, here are five reasons you shouldn’t let 2018 get by without it.

SEO is an Investment, not a cost

When you print flyers, you incur a cost. This has a short lifespan. However, when you start working with an SEO reseller, you’re making an investment. Get your SEO right and you’ll have the highest returns on the money you’ve spent. Your brand becomes more visible, your sales will increase and you’ll be able to reach out to a targeted audience.

Pricing is Always Variable

Submitcore SEO offers a number of different plans to suit varying budgets and business goals. This way, SEO is never unaffordable. The cost of an SEO package can depend on a number of factors including keyword analysis, links, content creation, the SEO specialist expertise etc. However, you should know that your budget has a direct influence on the SEO results.

Free Advertising

Simply putting the right Meta Tag on an image can make it more visible to people. This, in turn, can increase traffic to your website. In a way, it’s free advertising and not making use of this is wasting resources. You could compare this to how people put their brand logos on a shopping bag. They could have used a plain, simple bag but by putting their logo on it, the brand becomes so much more visible even outside the store.

Gets You the Website Traffic You Want

When you put an advertisement out in a magazine or on television, you have very little control over who it reaches. With SEO, your targeting can be much more specific. Thus, it not only makes your brand more visible and generates website traffic, the people it brings to your website are actually part of your target audience. Compare it to running a store. Wouldn’t you rather have people walk in who actually want your products and services as compared to people simply window shopping?

It Builds Credibility

SEO Packages Submitcore can help improve your website’s search rankings and bring you to the first page of a search result. A good SEO reseller will ensure that this happens for multiple keyword searches. When people look for something online, they tend to perform multiple searches with related keywords. Seeing your brand on the first page continually will help build trust and increase your credibility. When you choose to work with an SEO reseller who will also generate original content that your clients can benefit from, you also become known as an expert in your field.

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