iGlue, Which Wants To Wikify The Web, Launches Its Semantic Content Organizer

iGlue, which wants to “wikify the web“, has officially launched its semantic content organizer and search application.

Three years in the making before being unveiled at TechCrunch Europe’s GeeknRolla event in London last April, iGlue creates an additional information layer over web pages by using natural language technology to understand its content. The browser plug-in or bookmarklet recognises names of relevant entities in text, such as people, geographical locations, institutions etc. and then when a user rolls their mouse over those entities, displays related information, images and videos.

However, where iGlue perhaps comes into its own is that users can contribute to this structured data via the plug-in’s annotation tool by entering their own entries and data, potentially turning any website into a Wikipedia-like resource, hence the “wikify the web” description used by the company.

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