i2O: An Intelligent Grid For Water Systems That Could Save Millions Of Gallons

One of the major issues I’ve been seeing raised internationally in the last year is that of fresh water shortage. Do you remember that striking visualization of the entirety of our planet’s fresh water pictured next to the salt and the rest of the planet? Do you remember reading how in 20 or 30 years, populations will have expanded so much that fresh water will be “the new oil”? Like so many global threats, this one made its mark in the media and then receded to a distant memory. Such is the life of a meme, even an important one, but the water crisis is still imminent and some people are working to delay or prevent it.

We’re all careful not to make our showers too long, and not to leave the faucet running, but municipal water waste occurs massively on an institutional level as well. i2O is a centralized water control method that directs the distribution and pressure of an entire water system. Sure, it sounds like Plumbing 2.0, but this is actually a good example of a disruptive technology.

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