HP’s Bradley Is Thinking About Ink Prices Just In Case He TAKES The CEO Position

Maybe it was just a slip. Or maybe it was something much more. But here’s what HP’s Todd Bradley said at TCDisrupt today when Mike Arrington asked an interesting question to anyone who’s taken a Business 101 course, “Do you think it’s ethically wrong to charge as much for ink as you do?”

“Ask me next year, if I take the [CEO] postion,” Bradley responded to Arrington, notable because HP is still searching for a CEO to replace Mark Hurd and Bradley began the talk emphasizing the fact that he was still just an EVP.

Bradley went on going on to answer Arrington’s actual question, elaborating vaguely.

“There’s an enormous amount of quality and work that goes into our printer products. You get what you pay for…”

To which Arrington responded, “So no’s the answer on this one.” Referring to the ink question, not the CEO one.

Side note: As HP is currently making $7,500 per gallon profit on ink, the quality better be pretty damn good.

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